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Please visit our Amazon store for bow drill kits, fire boards, spindles, palm rocks, leather pouches, char cloth, nesting and much more!

For the past 10 years Primitive Fire has supplied scouts, teachers, soldiers, hunters, preppers, reenacters, rendezvous, bushcraft instructors and outdoor aficionado's of all stripes with quality friction fire and flint and steel kits. Sadly, due to some internal workings, we have shut down the manufacturing shop in Utah. In doing so we are also shutting down the sales portion of the website. Many of our products will still be available for a time in our Amazon store. We are moving forward with transforming into a primitive skills content website with new videos, blogs, free handout downloads and bushcraft instruction helps, so please check back often or join the newsletter to keep up-to-date.

We remain committed to passing on primitive skills knowledge and enthusiasm to the next generation. Thank you for using our kits in your instruction and letting us be a part of your wilderness adventures. We'll keep you updated, and be in touch soon. Until then,
Keep feeding the fire!