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Char Rope Tin with 12" of 100% Cotton Rope

Part Number R2170
Char Rope Tin with 12" of 100% Cotton Rope
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Char rope tin is 3" in diameter and 2" deep and comes with 12" of 3-strand cotton rope. Tin comes with friction fit lid. 

For flint and steel fire starting, usually you cut a one-inch piece from one of the strands to use so this kit will make enough char rope for approx 36 fires.

  • Fill tin with cotton rope and close the lid tightly.
  • Punch small hole in the lid with a nail or knife.
  • Place tin in coals of fire, not the flames. Can also be placed on your grill.
  • Smoke will start to come out of the lid, a lot of smoke.
  • When smoke stops, carefully remove tin from coals and allow to cool.
  • Once cooled, char rope will be ready for use with your flint and steel kit, fire piston or other primitive fire methods.
Pro Tip: You can make a small hole in the top to help smoke release and make it easier to tell when it is done cooking. If cooked too long the char will disintegrate and be unusable.
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