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Yucca Hand Drill

Yucca [yuhk-uh] is a great material for friction fire starting that has been used by many cultures for hundreds of years. A lower density material, yucca works great as spindles for hand drills, fire plows and bow drills. Due to the thickness of stalks, they can also work well as smaller-width fire boards.  Yucca works well with other yucca materials or other lower-density woods.
 Products (Total Items: 3)
(2) Yucca Bow Drill Spindles
(2) Yucca Bow Drill Spindles
Your Price: $14.99
Yucca Fireboard
Yucca Fireboard
Your Price: $15.00
Yucca Hand Drill Spindle
Yucca Hand Drill Spindle
Your Price: $19.99
Due to the organic nature of the yucca stalk, each items will be a little different.

Hand harvested and shaped, yucca is not as readily available as our other fire fire-making products. If it is out of stock, please contact us with the item and quantity you are looking for and we'll get it in for you, or at least put you at the head of the line when new stock is received. Thank you!