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Primitive Fire - Product Index
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(10) Common Grade Fire Boards - Blemished with Knots
(2) Cottonwood Bow Drill Spindles
(2) Cottonwood Fire Boards
(2) Red Cedar Bow Drill Spindles
(2) Red Cedar Fire Boards
(2) Yucca Bow Drill Spindles
(3) Hickory Bow Drill Spindles
1700's Hinged Tinder Box
1790's Hinged English Tobacco Box
25,000 Strike Wood Handled Magnesium Fire Steel
5-in-1 Survival Tool
60,000 Strike Wood Handled Magnesium Fire Steel
7,000 Strike Wood Handled Magnesium Fire Steel
Adventurer Basic Survival Candles
Adventurer Spiral Wire Camping Saw
Adventurer Survival Fire Starter
Adventurer Survival Tips and Information Stickers
Aluminum Fire Piston
Amber FireLight Fire Piston
Amber FireLight II Fire Piston w/Hidden Fire Steel
Arrowhead Polished Bone Necklace
Be Prepared® Pocket Survival Kit
Beeswax Survival Candles (Assorted Pack)
Big Buffalo Petroglyph Panel Stone Blue Rock Art T-Shirt
Bubinga Wood Fire Piston
Buckskin Neck Pouch Flint and Steel Kit
Buffalo Skull Painted Bone Necklace
Char Cloth Tin with 100% Cotton Batting
Char Rope Tin with 12" of 100% Cotton Rope
Clay Fired Palm Rock (Zero-Friction)
Clear FireLight Fire Piston
Clear FireLight II Fire Piston w/Hidden Fire Steel
Compact 25,000 Strike Magnesium Fire Steel
Compact 7,000 Strike Magnesium Fire Steel
Compact Emergency Signal Mirror
Compact Emergency Survival Fishing Kit
Deluxe Bow Drill Fire Kit
Deluxe Flint & Steel Equipment Kit
Design Fee (one time)
Discolored Clay Fired Palm Rock (Zero-Friction)
Double Striker -Large
Eagle Feather Polished Bone Necklace
Fire Biscuit -Waterproof Fire Starting Material (3 Pack)
Fire 'n Five Flint and Steel Kit
Flint and Steel Tin (3.9in. x 2.45in.)
Fresnel Lens Fire Starter
Hickory Fire Piston
High-Quality English FLINT Stone
Jute Nesting Material -12ft
Jute Nesting Material -6ft
Large 3.5" Magnifying Burning Lens w/Buckskin Pouch
Large Fire Kit Bag Buckskin Possibles Pouch with Beadwork
Leather Coal Catcher
Maple Hardwood Fire Bow
Mini Swedish FireSteel
Oakum Fire Making Nest Material
Old Hickory 7" Butcher Knife with Leather Sheath
Old Hickory 7" Sticker Double-Edged Knife with Leather Sheath
Oval Tinder Box
Palm Board
Petrogylph Panel Nine-Mile Canyon, Utah -Rock Art T-shirt
Pill or Cap Box
Plastic Emergency Whistle on Keychain LOUD
Pocket Camper and Survival Tool
Rain Angels Rock Art T-Shirt
Replacement Bow Drill Fire Bow Cordage
Rochester Panel -Rock Art T-Shirt
Rock Art Sun Yellow Buckhorn Wash, Utah Petroglyph T-Shirt
Scout Bow Drill Fire Kit
Scout Flint and Steel
Small Ceramic 'Zero-Friction' Palm Rock
Small Dyed Buckskin Neck-Bag -Multiple Colors
Small English Flint Flakes
Small Magnifying Burning Lens w/Buckskin Pouch 6.5x
Snuff Box
Starter Bow Drill Fire Kit
Steel U Striker
Swedish FireSteel Scout 2.0 w/Emergency Whistle
Tall Men Petroglyph Desert Orange -Painted Rock Art T-Shirt
Texas Flint Stone for Flint and Steel Fire Starting
The Great Hunt Panel Nine-Mile Canyon, Utah Rock Art T-Shirt
Tinder Quik Fire Tabs (10 Pack)
Tinder Tube (Char Cloth)
Trekker Lantern
Turtle Pendant Polished Bone Necklace
UCO Waterproof Matches -4 Boxes
US P-51 Military Can Opener
XL Fire Kit Bag Buckskin Possibles Pouch with Beadwork
Yucca Fireboard
Yucca Hand Drill Spindle
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